Psychedelic Integration

What is Psychedelic Integration

You had a mind-expanding experience and somehow feel stuck ever since? You had meaningful insights and don't know how to connect them to your everyday life? This is where psychedelic integration can be helpful. This is the process of transforming and embedding the experiences made during a psychedelic substance session into an individual's daily life. These experiences are often profound and can be life-changing. Sometimes, those experiences can also be overwhelming. In integration, I will support you in understanding the insights, visions or emotional breakthroughs you experienced during the session against the context of your life story and help you translate them into your decision-making and self-understanding. Often just a few sessions are enough to bring about decisive changes.

One hour Eur 120,-
Three hours Eur 320,-
Five hours Eur 500,-.

These sessions can also take place via Zoom.

Für Informationen zur psychedelischen Integration in Deutsch, klicken Sie bitte auf diesen Link

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